Rain, Fog and Snow Bulbs for You Fog Lights - Selective Yellow / All Season / Contrast+
For those that prefer an all weather bulb in their fog lamps, we offer a few brands of selective yellow bulbs. These are not "yellow" bulbs. They have a very slight gold, multicolor coating that filters out the blue spectrum of light reducing glare in bad weather. Stock wattage.

Hella Yellow Star
Install these selective yellow bulbs in your fog lamps for a street-legal major improvement in foul-weather visibilty.Available in the following types: H1, H3

Osram® All-Season®
This bulb produces selective-yellow tinted light that still legally counts as white. Selective-yellow light enhances the performance of fog lamps.
Available in the following types: H7 (Priced as a pair)
Specify bulb type, prices are each
Narva Rangepower +50 Super High Output Xenon
Xenon Super Bright Light Plus-50 bulbs give the driver the ultimate possible lighting performance for premium safety and enhanced driving performance on dark roads and in foul weather. Tough independent tests give top ratings to these maximum efficiency bulbs, and prove they put up to 50 percent more light on the road, without dangerous overheating or electrical overloading. Obstacles and situations beyond 90 ft down the road can be clearly seen sooner, giving more time to react. These bulbs comply with DOT and/or ECE regulations for onroad use. Their precision focused filament coil and Xenon gas ensure a long, brilliant life, while their UV-blocking glass makes them safe to use in plastic headlamps. They are manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards, and will not dim with age; over 90% of initial light output is maintained over the entire lifetime of the bulb. H4 output is 1890/1145 lumens. These +50 bulbs can transform your nighttime driving experience. Stock wattage. Manufactured in Germany.

Available in the following types: H1, H3, H4, H7, 9003 (HB2, H4)
Vosla Bulbs Ultra High Performance +100
Here are the latest new ultra-high performance headlight bulbs from Vosla. These Vosla bulbs give an enormous improvement in beam focus and formation. They put up to 100% more bright white light in the beam's hot spot so your beams reach out further down the road — wider, too, for better visibility in turns and on curvy roads. A discreet blue ring (H1 and H4) at the head of the bulb envelope gives you new-car style without sacrificing beam performance (as less advanced blue-glass bulbs make you do). These bulbs are DOT-certified and ECE-approved. Stock wattage. An economical high-performance bulb. Manufactured in Germany.
Rallye Bulbs (Slightly higher watts than stock)

H7 (65 watt) - Osram brand. Higher than stock wattage, not DOT approved.
9006 (70 watt) - NARVA or Vosla brand. Higher than stock wattage, not DOT approved. May need relays.

Manufactured in Germany.
Specify bulb type, prices are each
At the bottom of the page bulbs are first listed by type (ie. H1, H4, 9007, etc.) then by style/manufacturer. Product can be purchased anywhere on the page. The "+" indicates the (up to) amount of light the bulb produces more than the standard bulb. Keep in mind, with the exception of the HIR and Osram Rallye, the higher the "+" number, generally the shorter the bulb life. Safety costs.
HIR - Halogen Infared Reflecting
HIR1/9011 and HIR2/9012 (Upgrade for 9005 & 9006)
New Genuine Philips 3rd Generation HIR1 (9011) & HIR2 (9012) Bulbs. The Philips HIR1 (9011) and HIR2 (9012) Halogen Infrared Reflective bulbs no longer have the electo-deposited coating that reflects the filament's infrared (heat) back onto the filament, which was originally designed to maintain a greater lumen maintenance throughout its life expectancy. It also resulted hotter filament that produced more light without increased power consumption. The bulbs were designated as 9011 until 1997 when the European renamed the standard to HIR 1 and HIR 2. GE followed 5 months later by submitting a change request to call them HIR1 (was 9011) and HIR2 (was 9012). Both these Philips OEM bulbs are now being used in new car manufacture, John Deere farming equipment, Caterpillar construction, and almost every snow plow hooked in front of four wheel drives on the east coast.

Testing has shown the HIR1 (was 9011) running 10.8% brighter than the previous Toshiba type with a differently designed and upgraded filament gas mixture which also maintains the lumen maintenance throughout 70% of its life hours. Toshiba no longer manufactures the HIR type and these are the only OEM replacements available and BOTH bulbs are second to none for those wishing to modify and upgrade existing 9005 and 9006 type lamps.The mechanical dimensions of the bulb are all virtually identical to the 9005 and 9006 bulbs.
Bulb tabs must be trimmed to fit the 9005 and 9006 applications instructions included.

Stock wattage.

Available in the following types: HIR1/9011 (9005, HB3), HIR2/9012 (9006, HB4)
Specify bulb type, prices are each.
Specify bulb type, prices are each
Bulbs by Type, priced each unless stated per pair
** See bottom of page for High Watt Off-Road H4/9003 Bulbs **
NARVA Contrast +
This bulb produces selective-yellow light that enhances the performance of fog lamps. Shown at lower right.
Available in the following types: 9006 (Priced as a pair.)
High Watt H4 / 9003 bulbs.
Not compatible with stock wiring
Available in the following types: H1, H4 / 9003, H7, H13 / 9008, 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4), 9007 (HB5)
Specify bulb type, prices are each
About Vosla
Vosla GmbH develops and manufactures highly innovative "Made in Germany" lighting solutions that meet the high standards of the international automotive industry, shipping, rail transport, aviation and medical technology. The basis is provided by more than 65 years of experience in the development and production of halogen bulbs. The company's technological capabilities and professional service assure customers of high-end product quality. The Vosla GmbH range includes more than 500 special lamp types marketed under the NARVA brand and over 100 Vosla brand automotive bulbs, both of them supplied to customers around the globe.
All Vosla departments, including Research & Development, mechanical design, glass processing, coil production, mixed-gas production and color coating are housed at the company's facilities in the Westend district of Plauen. Vosla GmbH's comprehensive production capabilities and regional proximity to its suppliers (80 percent of them within a 93 miles) give the company extreme time flexibility and make it the dependable partner for its customers.
Vosla GmbH has approximately 350 employees, and a production capacity of more than 60 million bulbs annually. The company is certified in conformity to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.